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Our IT Process

How Can We Help You?

Choosing MCS as your IT service provider in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC ensures your business is protected around the clock from hackers, viruses, and other online threats.

How do we do it? We provide you with the tools and resources to efficiently run your business without delays or data breaches in your organization. Whether you need IT services for large enterprise organizations, IT support for a medical office, or are in need of a managed service provider for your small business, call Maryland Computer Service!

We’ve mastered a 4-step plan to seamlessly weave our IT services into your daily operations.

4-Step IT Implementation Process

1.) Schedule an IT Consultation

After contacting us, we’ll get in touch with you and schedule an IT consultation. This is when we’ll go over the basics of our IT support:

  • What IT services you’re looking for
  • How we can help you
  • Size of your organization (number of workstations)
  • Hardware and software needed (servers, computers, desired operating system, etc.)

2.) In-Depth Analysis

Next, we’ll run an in-depth analysis of your current IT solutions to identify areas of improvement. This gives us the best understanding of the how your organization is currently operating. No matter if you’re looking for an IT consultant to guide your IT department and streamline responsibilities or want to completely outsource your IT, an IT analysis

3.) Month-to-Month Agreements

We find that the best way to protect your business is to monitor your organization’s hardware and software around the clock, ensuring no unwanted threat enters through your networks’ access points. Our month-to-month IT agreements keep your company running smooth all year round, free of threats and exceeding your business goals!

4.) Implement a Strategy

Lastly, we’ll work with you and your employees to install any new hardware or software needed, implementing fortified firewalls and network securities, training you and your employees on your new equipment, and remotely monitoring your business 24/7.

IT Consultations in Virginia, Maryland & Washington, DC

Is your current IT contract about to expire? Looking for an IT partner to protect your business? Contact Maryland Computer Service to schedule a free, no-obligation IT consultation for your business. We offer cutting edge IT solutions for any sized business and service any industry.

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