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Microsoft Sharepoint Team Collaboration Software

Microsoft Sharepoint Services in MD, VA & DC

If you own or work for a company in Maryland, Northern Virginia, or the Washington, DC area, and you are looking for collaboration solutions for your team, Microsoft Sharepoint may be the right choice for your needs. Sharepoint is not just a simple program that you install locally to one machine—rather, it is a back-end platform that allows users across an organization to collaborate, share resources, and understand their business development.

Maryland Computer Service is an award winning IT company that is a certified Tier 1 Solutions Provider as well as a Microsoft Small Business Specialist and a Microsoft Certified Partner. We have recently been approved by Microsoft themselves to provide businesses like yours Microsoft products and cloud services.

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What Is Microsoft Sharepoint?

Sharepoint exposes an organization’s resources through the web, meaning that all client devices can access the information from anywhere at anytime. Sharepoint offers both an intranet (internal) site and an extranet (public-facing site) which allows companies to host their data in both secure private and public environments.Sharepoint cuts down on three major issues faced in organizations.

  • Duplicated data, resulting in data inefficiency
  • Differences between user’s file versions thanks to a streamlined search engine of an organization’s files
  • Minimized IT service requests because instead, a single system manages all the organization’s information

Sharepoint offers an easy-to-use graphic user interface, meaning that users can leverage the document management, sharing, and social in the same collaborative Sharepoint environment.

Benefits of Using Microsoft Sharepoint for Businesses

Sharepoint allows for site policies through groups to choose what information is seen by whom. This provides a one-stop-shop that controls who has access to what when it comes to your company’s data and information. Additional site policies can also manage how data is stored and for how long. If, for instance, a sheet has not been open in two years, it can automatically be deleted to free up space based on your preferences.

This program also lets you manage the metadata of the content as you create it, increasing the discoverability of the resources on the site. This means that users across an organization can find (through the search functionality) all the information pertinent to their projects much more easily, saving time and energy.

Sharepoint helps companies work with all of their email through one secure client.
It also includes helpful collaboration policies such as sending emails to users when new tasks have been assigned to them and ensuring that everyone on a work-team knows who is responsible for a given task, which allows for streamlined project management.

These are just a few of the advantages that Microsoft Sharepoint has to offer businesses. This program is extremely conducive to collaboration within a business environment, and makes functional teamwork easier than ever.

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