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Cloud Security & Backup Solutions for Businesses

Recently, we have been hearing all over the news about big brands experiencing a data breach. Don’t let your company be one of them—invest in cloud security.

Maryland Computer Service provides security and backup services for businesses throughout Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, and beyond. Our IT company provides 24/7 backup services so when you have a crisis, you have a team that is behind you immediately. We understand that storing confidential information online can be intimidating—which is why you need an IT company to ensure your information is safe and secure on the cloud.

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About the Cloud & Cloud Security

Cloud computing is a type of internet-based computing that allows businesses to store and access data on a virtual space. The cloud allows business owners to store, backup, and access data from any device, anywhere—as long as it has internet access.

The cloud is secure and can only be accessed via a password; however, hackers do exist. Similar to how hackers can access your home computer, professional hackers can take snapshots of your confidential information—which could hurt your business! Don’t let your business’s reputation fail because of a security breach—invest in cloud security!

Backup & Data Recovery

Unfortunately, accidents happen. Your IT can fail, hackers can get access to your data, or a natural disaster can ruin your computers and servers. When this happens, do you have your information backed up?  With computer services from MCS, we can ensure your files and documents are backed up so they can be recovered. If your information crashes on the cloud, count on us to ensure it can be recovered!

Maryland Computer Service—Top IT Company in the DC Area

Don’t stress over putting business on hold if you’re experiencing technical issues with the cloud. At Maryland Computer Service, we’ll do whatever it takes to get your business’s cloud server up and running as fast as possible—we’ll even work through the night so you can return to work the next day! We have over 20 years of combined IT experience, streamlining computer services, and increasing productivity in small to medium sized businesses throughout the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC areas.

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Maryland Computer Service is 100 percent HIPAA compliant and adheres to all HIPAA guidelines. To learn more about HIPAA compliancy or our data protection services, contact us today.

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