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Why Your Business Needs to Have a Proper Data Backup System in Place

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There is nothing more critical than protecting your company’s data and information. What if you arrived at your office this morning to find all your computers and information technology were gone? Do you have a data protection plan in place to prevent the unwanted distribution of critical company and client information? When was the last time you tested your backup process to ensure flawless data recovery? Do you run regularly scheduled backups so you can recover in the event of an IT failure?

It’s an unfortunate truth: emergencies happen. Whether the issue is an IT failure, a fire or flood, or hackers, if your business doesn’t have a data protection system in place and you aren’t prepared with a data recovery plan, your company is vulnerable

Benefits of Having a Data Backup Plan for Your Business

Don’t let hackers, unexpected disasters (like fires or floods), or IT system failures prevent you from completing your work as scheduled. In an emergency, it’s important to know that your data is protected in the sense that it has been backed up and will be able to be recovered after the emergency, so your company will continue to be able to run smoothly as usual.

Securing your company’s data requires quite a bit more than a secure password! If you hope to be protected against the unwanted distribution of critical company and client information, then having a data protection plan you can depend on is crucial for your business.

Protecting your data is the first crucial step in making sure your company’s files stay safe if your computers are hacked, your system fails, or your office experiences a fire or flood. The second step is making sure you’re able to recover and restore your data so your business doesn’t come to a screeching halt without any of its necessary files or information.

Types of Data Backup Plans for Your Business

There are two main types of data backup plans you could look at for your Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC area business: differential and incremental backups. Differential and incremental backups allow you to safely back up and store sensitive business information to prevent data loss. Both differential and incremental backups reduce backup time, which is crucial in an emergency!

Incremental Backups

This is a type of data backup that doesn’t copy every single file from one backup to the next. These backups are not based on the last full backup, but on the last backup of any kind. Incremental backups only copy files that have been altered or changed since that last backup, which minimizes backup size.

Differential Backups

These backups are based on the last full backup that was performed and will copy all changes since the last full backup was performed. This means that each differential backup will be larger than the last.

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