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How to Successfully Migrate to Office 365

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Making the move to Office 365 has become a bit of a no-brainer for modern businesses in recent years. The advantages of moving operations to the cloud—and the sheer availability of communication and business tools that can evolve as your needs do—are staggering. However, new systems means migration, which is a process that makes many business owners balk.

But migrating to Office 365 for your business in Maryland doesn’t have to be the headache you expect it to be! A prepared and well-equipped business can make the move without so much as missing a step, and today, we’re here to help you accomplish exactly that.

Maryland Computer Service has helped over 30 businesses throughout Southern Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC make the move to Office 365 with no downtime! Our migration service can help you gain all of the advantages of a perfect move, guaranteed. Contact us online to learn more!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Office 365 Migration

Moving to Office 365, or making any migration successfully, is about preparedness, communication, and working with the right team. Take these steps, and you’re sure to be reaping the benefits of greater accessibility and productivity in no time:

  1. Understand what Office 365 can offer you specifically. There are many different plans when it comes to Office 365. Each is going to offer unique advantages and tools, and not all plans match up with everyone’s needs. Be sure that you understand the plans and services available to you, and choose accordingly.
  2. Do some asking around. Office 365 is rapidly becoming the standard in cloud based business operations, so you’ve likely got some business neighbors that have firsthand experience. Maryland Computer Service has helped dozens of businesses migrate to Office 365, and getting the opinions and insights of folks who have been through the migration can provide invaluable in helping you prepare for the coming move.
  3. Decide what to keep local. Microsoft hosted services offered through Office 365 are a massive advantage, but your comfort level is taken into consideration, too. If there are certain aspects of your business you prefer to keep on your side alone, or stored on site (data, networks, etc), you have that right. Though we will say that many businesses consider local security to be a good idea, we can honestly tell you that Microsoft security on the cloud is leagues ahead of most security and encryption systems.
  4. Work with the right migration service team. If you’re following along, you’ve likely already decided that Office 365 is your best bet for improved business function and growth. But no matter what the system and products can do for you, the number one thing you’re going to need during a migration is a team of experienced, certified professionals. Working with pros ensures minimal or zero downtime, and a flawless integration of 365 with your business. It’s your best option for a pain-free, benefits-only experience.

Migrate to Office 365 with a Certified Microsoft Partner

Maryland Computer Service is a Certified Microsoft Partner, as well as a small business specialist. We are uniquely equipped to provide peerless service when it comes to Office 365 migration and more!

If you’re ready to begin the transition to 365, our experts are ready to assist. Contact us today to learn more about our migration services, or call us (301) 202-6521 at to learn about the Office 365 plans we offer!

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