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Outsourced IT Service vs. Internal IT Department

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Every growing business in today’s world needs some sort of IT support. Whether you are a retail store and you need to set up computers, a bank needing network security, or an agency looking to set up cloud computing and storage, every business will need IT service from time to time. You may even wonder if investing in an IT department would benefit your business and reduce your costs.

There are many pros and cons to both outsourcing your IT services and hiring an internal department. Below, the experts from Maryland Computer Service have outlined the pros and cons to both internal and outsourcing IT service.

Benefits of an Outsourced IT Company

  • Diverse skills: when you outsource your technology company, you receive certified experts that are experts in all areas of computers and networks. An outsourced company works with many different businesses at once so you can rest assured they know and understand many different aspects of technology and have seen many different problems and solutions.
  • Less expensive: if you are a small to medium sized business, hiring someone new is not only time consuming but also costly. When you outsource your technology needs, you eliminate the need to hire one or several IT experts, meaning you reduce the responsibility to pay salary, benefits, and retirement plan.
  • Less risk: when you hire one or several new employees, you are taking a risk that they will uphold job standards and requirements. When you outsource your IT needs, you can usually read reviews or ask other business owners before you hire a company. Outsourcing your technology needs also means if you are unhappy with their service, you can easily switch to a new company.

Disadvantage of an Outsourced IT Company

Outsourcing an IT company is perfect for small to medium sized business; however, it may not be ideal for large corporations who have daily IT needs. Large businesses may have technology issues daily and sometimes multiple times per day. If you think you may need an IT professional full time, you can always outsource your technology needs for large projects such as cloud computing and network building.

Benefits of an Internal IT Department

There are several benefits of hiring an internal IT company. First, if you are a large company, it may help to have an IT professional at all times for unexpected IT trouble. If you have hundreds of employees and often have network complications, it may save money and time to have an internal department. That way, you can have support at any time throughout the day.

Another benefit of having an internal IT department is when you hire someone to work for your company, they will become a part of the goals, mission, and culture. This may result in higher dedication and commitment to your business by having a full time IT employee.

Disadvantages of Internal IT Department

While having an internal department has its benefits, it also has several disadvantages.

  • Less expertise: when you hire a new employee, you are facing a risk that they might not know and understand as much as you thought they did, meaning you may have to hire an outside IT company for jobs your department can’t do alone.
  • Higher cost: if you are hiring a full time employee, you are not only investing in salary but chances are you are investing in benefits, retirement plans, and more!
  • Not enough work: if you are a small to medium sized business, you may not need a full time IT expert. You may only need expert help setting up company emails, using data protection, or when your technology needs to be repaired. This is when outsourcing your IT services may benefit you in the long run!

Where to Find a Trustworthy IT Company in the Maryland, Washington, DC & Virginia Area

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