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Why It Makes More Sense to Outsource IT Services

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When you’re responsible for running a small or medium-sized business, we understand that resources can be limited, both in terms of time and money.  Even so, if your business fails to maintain regular system backups, patches, or security, your business network could be at risk of significant downtime and productivity loss—something no company wants to experience!

Small businesses need technology to operate efficiently and to compete effectively in their industry and service area. The last thing any business wants is for its computer network and workstations to break down! One way to protect your business from experiencing any of the above is with managed IT services from Maryland Computer Service.

Outsourcing your company’s IT services is the ideal option for SMBs in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC area. This option is less expensive and time-consuming, and allows you to focus on running your business while we handle your IT needs.

Learn more about what’s included in our managed IT services at Maryland Computer Service below, or contact us now to schedule a free consultation!

What’s Included When You Outsource Your IT Services to MCS?

When you outsource your IT management to Maryland Computer Service, we can design and implement a custom-built maintenance plan that fits your business needs and budget requirements. These customized IT support plans take preventative steps to catch any system errors before they turn into larger problems, protecting your entire information technology system and daily business operations.

When providing IT services for your small or medium-sized business, we monitor and manage key features of your entire IT network and deliver:

  • 24/7 monitoring and management of all vital IT systems
  • Hardware and software support
  • Preventative maintenance of critical servers and business networks
  • Improved technology performance and productivity
  • Preset monthly pricing
  • And more!

No matter what your industry, we can design and configure a network that works for you—from businesses with just five computers to more than 100, we can help!

What Other IT Services Does MCS Offer Small Businesses in the DC Area?

Beyond our general managed IT support services, we offer a variety of other technology-based services to businesses in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC. Let us help your business improve and grow by providing you with:

  • Business network and server setup– Business networks maximize employee performance when running multiple desktop applications requiring reliable connectivity and 24/7/365 access to your organization’s data.
  • Business network design– We’ll design a network to meet your specific needs, including HIPAA compliance.
  • Cloud computing and storage– Don’t worry about being hardwired into your network. With cloud computing services from Maryland Computer Service, you and your employees can access network servers and critical data on-the-go or from home!
  • Email design and database development– Your business may require a custom CRM.
  • Remote tech support– In most instances your IT equipment operates without any hiccups. However, if you experience an emergency or need immediate IT support, we’re here to help! We offer remote technical support for all of our small business clients, including 24/7/365 monitoring.
  • And more

Start Outsourcing Your Company’s IT Services Today!

As a business owner, you’ve got enough to worry about without adding your company’s IT security and management to the list. So, make the less expensive, less time-consuming choice: outsource your IT services to Maryland Computer Service.

To set up a free consultation, contact us online or give us a call at (301) 202-6521 now!

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