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What Is Micorosft Azure and How Can I Use It?

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Cloud computing itself is nothing new, but every day, businesses of all shapes and sizes are finding new ways to utilize the technology to enhance their work processes, increase mobility, and improve security. Microsoft Azure is a leader in cloud technology and services, with an ever expanding repertoire of integrated services designed to help your business be the best it can be.

What Is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure was launched in 2010 and since that time, has grown exponentially along with cloud usage. What makes cloud services so attractive are there adaptability and scalability, evidenced by the continually growing collection of analytic, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web solutions, services, and tools from Azure. This mixture includes remotely hosted and managed versions of Microsoft technologies, as well as open-sourced, standard based technologies, and users are billed according to the consumption of the available resources.

How Can I Use Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure helps your business take advantage of the cloud where it matters most, providing a means of communication between your cloud-based systems and those better left onsite. The two types of cloud deployments offered by Azure are as follows:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – Your preferred vendor assumes the burden of managing your networking, server, storage, and virtualization needs, with predictable expenses to make budgeting a breeze.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) – Support is provided to all areas, with the exception of application and data management.

With Mircrosoft Azure, you’ll be able to:

Do More

Using familiar tools and existing skills, developers and IT personnel can utilize Azure to build and manage all types of applications, choosing from a wide array of pre-built templates, integrated tools, and managed services.

Launch Your Website

Develop your site using any one of a variety of web application frameworks such as or Node.js. Or choose open source applications such as Joomla or WordPress.

Manage Your Media

Create, distribute, and manage all types of media. The Azure platform affords you the functionality needed to convert media to a variety of formats, protect your content, and stream live or on-demand video with ease.

Maintain Big Data 

Microsoft Azure provides a solution for Big Data, with built-in tools to provide data storage, and intelligent solutions to improve business analytics.

Expand Your Horizons

Increase your computer capacity, without the trouble or expense of adding more servers to your existing datacenter, by running Windows or Linux virtual machines in the cloud.

Get Mobile 

Feature-rich Microsoft Azure helps to accelerate the development of mobile applications, with a highly scalable, globally available platform, guaranteed to increase and enhance the productivity of your mobile workforce.

Be Secure

Microsoft Azure backs up six copies of your stored data, over two independent Azure data centers, and was built based on the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle with globally tested and proven technology in accordance with the rigorous international cloud privacy standard, ISO 27018. Needless to say, this platform will keep your business documents secure.

How Can Microsoft Azure Benefit My Business?

As your business needs change, Azure adapts to meet your new needs. Fast, easy adaptation, and a host of application building blocks and services allow you to customize your cloud solutions on demand. Additional benefits include:

  • Scalability. Azure was designed to scale along with your business, whether additional resources are needed for short-term bursts of traffic, or long-term growth.
  • Cost savings. Pay-as-you-go and enjoy volume discounts as Azure’s customer base continues to grow.
  • Support. Global support in multiple languages gives you a number of options for running applications while maintaining stellar performance.

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