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Cyber Attacks, Hackers & More: How to Protect Your Business

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Nothing is more important than protecting your business’s confidential data and information. As the world of technology has expanded, information security has become more vital than ever. Cyber attackers and hackers can exploit holes in your security unless they are immediately taken care of, and data loss becomes a real concern in the event of natural disaster or system failures.

Read on and find out how to protect your business and prevent important data loss!

Cyber Security Services

If you are a computer user, odds are high that you’ve encountered some sort of minor virus or malware in the past. However, while the consequences of malware on your personal computer are typically minor, such as unwanted toolbars or annoying pop-ups, security breaches on a business network can be far more detrimental.

Cyber security services can protect your business network from dangerous viruses, spyware, and malware that would otherwise compromise your network’s integrity and confidentiality. Depending on your business and its needs, this might mean network security solutions, implementation of firewalls, or both.

Examples of network security services:

  • Network Security Analysis
  • Network design and configuration
  • Monthly network security maintenance
  • Network monitoring
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

Examples of firewall programs:

  • Network-level firewalls – Use network traffic sources and requested destinations to filter traffic and inspect packet headers.
  • Circuit-level gateways – Eliminate unauthorized information delivery to outside traffic sources.
  • Application-level gateway – Similar to circuit-level gateways, but are built around specific, designated applications. They can also block access to websites based on content.
  • Stateful multiplayer – The most advanced kind of firewall, offering the most information protection.

Data Protection & Recovery Services

While network security and firewalls are the first lines of defense against security breaches, it’s just as important to know what to do in the event that you lose some – or all – of your important company data.

Data protection and recovery services are absolutely integral to any information security plan. Do you have a data protection plan? Are you certain that your backup process will recover all of your data? Do you schedule regular backups to ensure your they contain all the most recent versions of your business’s important data and information?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then you may want to invest in some system recovery services and backup plans.

Full System Recovery

Full system recoveries are big – and they cover everything: data, applications, drivers, settings, operating systems, and more. In the event of a system failure, a full system backup should be able to return your business computers and IT system to their pre-failure appearances and performance.

Differential Backups

These backups reference the last full system backup, and copy all changes that have been made since. Every differential backup will be a bit bigger than the last.

Incremental Backups

These data backups don’t copy every file from one backup to the next, but, instead, only reference the last backup of any kind. They only copy and save files that have been changed since that backup, minimizing the size of the backup.

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