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What You Need to Know About Cloud Storage

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If you own a business, you have probably heard of cloud storage. Whether you have three employees or three hundred employees, cloud storage can give you the boost you need in your business to store and access important information. Below, the IT experts at Maryland Computer Service have outlined everything you need to know about using cloud storage for your business.

Types of Cloud Storage

There are different types of cloud storage spaces—not all are meant for business purposes.

  • Public cloud storage – this provides people with a multi-tenant storage environment that is most suitable for unstructured data. It requires administration but can be accessed and changed by authorized users.
  • Private cloud storage – this type of cloud is designed for one person or one company. This type of cloud requires administration control to give employees access.
  • Hybrid cloud storage – this is a combination of private and public clouds which includes at least one private cloud and one public cloud.

What You Can Do With the Cloud

The cloud isn’t just an external source to store you data. With programs like Microsoft 365, you can do much more with cloud computing such as:

  • Share data with co-workers in record time using social sharing programs
  • Host online meetings and video conferences
  • Access data from any device that is connected to the internet
  • Store videos, files, calendars, presentations, and more

Benefits of the Cloud

Businesses across the nation are adapting cloud storage because it makes business easier! No longer will you have to worry about accessing your files from home or another computer—you can access your documents from anywhere. You also can breathe easier knowing that the cloud is safe. When a disaster happens—a fire, flood, virus, or security breech—your important information will be backed up and accessible.

Cloud Providers

Generally speaking, there are many different cloud service providers. Each one differs in price, storage space, programs, and more. At Maryland Computer Service, we recommend Microsoft 365 to businesses. This program allows businesses to have all of their Microsoft programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, and more all on the cloud. Along with these programs, businesses have plenty of storage space, social sharing features, calendar sharing, and more!

If you need help choosing which cloud provider is best for you and your business’ needs, contact Maryland Computer Service. We can introduce to you the different cloud options as well as help install the best storage system for your company.

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