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Why Data Recovery & Protection Is Important for Your Business

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Does Your Business Have a Data Recovery & Protection Plan in Place?

If you arrived at work tomorrow to find that your company’s computers had been hacked, that the office flooded and destroyed your equipment, or that you had a total IT system failure—would you be prepared?

It’s an unfortunate truth: emergencies happen. Whether the issue is an IT failure, a fire or flood, or hackers, if your business doesn’t have a data protection system in place and you aren’t prepared with a data recovery plan, your company is vulnerable.

Why Your Business Needs to Have a Data Protection Plan in Place

Securing your company’s data requires much more than a secure password! If you want to be protected against the unwanted distribution of critical company and client information, then having a data protection plan you can depend on is crucial for your business.

Additionally, in an emergency, it’s important to know that your data is protected in the sense that it has been backed up and will be able to be recovered after the emergency, so your company will continue to be able to run smoothly as usual.

As a business owner, you want to make sure your employees and clients are safe in the case of a security breach of any kind. But you have a job to do—so instead of worrying about your important files, you should leave data protection to a company you can trust. At Maryland Computer Service, our experts are trained in controlling access to your IT system and protecting your critical business information from any outside threat, from hackers to system failure and beyond.

The Benefits of Getting a Data Recovery Plan for Your Business

Protecting your data is the first crucial step in making sure your company’s files will remain safe if your computers are hacked, your system fails, or your office experiences a fire or flood. The second step is making sure you’re able to recover and restore your data so your business doesn’t come to a screeching halt without any of its necessary files or information.

There are a variety of data recovery options that you can choose from when deciding how you want to protect your business’s important information so that you’ll be able to recover it in the case of an emergency.

Full System Data Recovery

A full system data recovery allows you to recover and retrieve your entire system, including:

  • Data
  • Applications
  • Drivers
  • Settings
  • Operating Systems
  • And more

After a full system recovery is completed, your business’s entire IT system should start, look, and perform exactly as it did before its failure. Each employee’s computer will be returned to its original state.

Incremental Data Backup

This is a type of data backup that doesn’t copy every single file from one backup to the next. These backups are not based on the last full backup, but on the last backup of any kind. Incremental backups only copy files that have been altered or changed since that last backup, which minimizes backup size.

Differential Data Backup

These backups are based on the last full backup that was performed and will copy all changes since the last full backup was performed. This means that each differential backup will be larger than the last.

Selective Data Backup

In a selective backup, you are able to manually select which files you do and do not want to back up at any given time. Selective data recovery is not recommended, since the backup is not automatic and employees must manually set a date and time to back up data. However, if a system failure occurs, backed up files and information will be readily available to restore your data and get you back online as quickly as possible.

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