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Best Computer Practices for 2016

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If you own a business, chances are you want your technology to last as long as possible—it can be expensive to replace all of your computers and technology. Start the new year off right and get into the best computer practices to help your equipment last longer and stay more secure.

Always Use Passwords

If you walk away from your computer to go into a meeting or go to lunch, you should always have your computer password protected. This ensures that your information is secure and no one can hack into your computer while you are away.

Aside from always using a password to get into your computer, you should also be changing your password at least every six months and never write down your passwords.

Install a Virus Protection Software

Unfortunately, computers that are not protected can get hacked at any time. Virus, spyware, and malware protection help secure your information to avoid a major security breach. In many cases, your computer could be hacked without you even knowing. Installing a protection software will help avoid unwanted threats to your company and its information.

Be Cautious With Downloads

Downloading items from the internet is sometimes unavoidable. However, each download should be done with caution. Even if you have a data protection software installed, a sketchy download can contain viruses which could hack your important data. Before you download, ensure it is coming from a trusted site and is a reputable download.

Use a Cloud to Store Data

Within the past several years, cloud storage has become popular among business owners because of the convenience. Not only is cloud storage convenient, it is also safe. If your company’s computers were to get damaged during a fire or flood, thousands of important documents would get destroyed. If you use a cloud to store and keep important documents, these files can be easily accessed from any computer with your login information—which can be a huge benefit for you if anything were to happen!

Always Hire a Trusted IT Company for Repairs

Whether you are looking to hire an IT company for a computer repair or email setup, you should always hire someone who is reputable and trusted. During a repair or setup, an IT company has access to all of your files and data. To avoid legal trouble and unwanted attention in the long run, always ensure the company is safe and certified.

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