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What Are the Benefits of Cloud Computing?

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It’s the age of the Internet, and an increasing number of businesses are relocating critical information to the “cloud.” This move to cloud computing shifts business files, applications, and software from physical hard drives and computers to a virtual space on the Internet.

Most people in the modern world use cloud computing every day without realizing it. Transferring money into your bank account over the Internet? Paying bills online? Updating your social media status? These are all examples of cloud computing.

Reasons to Consider Cloud Computing for Your Business

If your business doesn’t yet utilize the cloud for storage, backup, and data access, consider all the benefits of cloud computing that you’re missing out on.


Fluctuating bandwidth or storage requirements are no problem when you utilize cloud computing. Obtain as little or as much storage space as your business requires, and only pay for what you need. This makes expanding or downsizing your business an easy endeavor and provides built-in future proofing.


Need to access an important work document from across town or while on vacation? It’s easy with cloud computing and an Internet-enabled device. Imagine the ability to work from anywhere and collaborate with telecommuting team members without needing to gather in the same office. The accessibility available with cloud computing is incredibly convenient and a huge time saver.


When you lose your laptop or a hard drive gets stolen from your office, your concerns go well beyond paying to replace the hardware – you must also contend with losing the sensitive data stored on that device. Cloud computing ensures the survival of your data, no matter what happens to your computer. And if hardware gets into the wrong hands, you can remotely wipe data to prevent a security breach. Of course, cyber attacks pose a threat to data stored in the cloud, but with the right cyber security solutions in place, you have little to fear.

Disaster Recovery Options

Along with the importance of data security, you must also have a plan for data recovery following a disaster. From floods and fires that physically damage your office to viruses that corrupt your hard drive, you need a way to get your business back on its feet. With cloud computing, disaster recovery is built right in. This saves you time and money by speeding up the return to business as usual.
Cost Effectiveness

You can shape everything about cloud computing to meet your budgetary needs. First, only pay for the storage you require. Then, sign up for a low monthly subscription to gain access to an outsourced IT department. This prevents you from spending thousands of dollars a year on an in-house tech crew and new equipment. Software updates are even included with your subscription, so you’re not left to pay for these separately.


While cloud computing is primarily to help your business, it’s not an entirely selfish move. By keeping collaborative documents in a digital format, you cut back on in-office paper use. You can also scale down your server capacity, which cuts back on energy use and lowers your carbon footprint. You can even include your cloud computing venture on your list of “green” credentials for marketing and PR purposes.

Move Your MD, VA, or DC Business to the Cloud

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