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5 Signs of a Good IT Company

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What to Look for In Your Next IT Company

No matter if your company consists of a few computers and a printer or 500 computers, multiple server rooms, cloud computing, and dedicated access points, you need an IT company that looks out for your best interests. If not, it could end up costing your organization hundreds if not thousands of dollars due to wasted resources—not to mention the potential risks posed to your business’s internal data.

Most businesses, both large and small, find it more cost effective to outsource their IT needs than to hire an in-house team of specialists to manage their workstations. Outsourced IT has both pros and cons—admittedly, mostly pros—but how can you be sure the IT company you hired isn’t a scam? How do you know your data is secure at all times? Did your IT company implement a disaster recovery plan in the event of a flood, fire, or theft?

Check out our 5 signs of a good IT company below.

5 Signs Your IT Company Can Be Trusted

1. They Have Lots of IT Experience

IT isn’t an industry just anyone can work in. Just because you have some working knowledge of a computer doesn’t make you an IT specialist. When you’re on the hunt for an IT company you can trust with your most sensitive information, be sure to find someone who has lots of experience in your industry.

How can you be sure your IT company has the experience you’re looking for? Great question! Ask your consultant for references. A good IT company that has years (if not decades) of experience in the computing industry will have plenty of references for you to check up on.

2. Their References Check Out

Just like any employer calling references before hiring a job candidate, you too can call an IT company’s references—you just have to ask! This is where you’ll most likely receive the most candid answers to the most hard-hitting questions you have about the IT company you want to hire. If possible, we always recommend asking for references in the same industry as you to ensure you receive the most honest and relevant answers for your business.

3. They’re Within Driving Distance to You

IT is a unique industry where your managed service provider does not necessarily need to be located close to your office. Business networks can be monitored from another state and even from another coast if necessary—all you need is a reliable Internet connection and a computer.

But, in the event of an emergency, not all IT repairs can be done remotely. Your provider may need to gain access to certain workstations, data centers or server rooms, and even work on your computer directly. It’s a good idea to choose an IT company that is within driving distance to your organization in the event of an IT emergency.

4. They Make Data-Driven Decisions

In today’s digital economy, there’s nothing more important to your day-to-day operations than your information technology (IT). When it comes to choosing a good IT company to entrust with your livelihood, it’s important to work with a provider that makes data-driven decisions.

Think about it, you don’t want some guy from the Geek Squad desk making important technical decisions (that could result in a loss of productivity, resources, and revenue…) all willy-nilly. Instead, a good IT company will make data-driven decisions to improve the efficiency of your IT network with sound reasoning backed by data and years of IT experience.

5. They Offer Consistent IT Practices & Solutions

A good IT company is there to fix your technology when you need it most. A great IT company monitors your hardware and software and implements consistent IT practices and solutions, company-wide. Consistency is key when keeping your IT operations running smoothly. From consistent backups to admin access policies, login procedures and 24/7 monitoring, a good IT company will have consistent IT practices that have proven successful within your industry.

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