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Microsoft Azure Recovery

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, or, BCDR is the series of processes and strategies used to help companies of all shapes and sizes recover from a disaster, while maintaining corporate workloads, and keeping applications up and running. Incorporating Azure Site Recovery as part of your BCDR strategy, is the best way to ensure continuity, as Azure Site Recovery orchestrates recovery as needed, with custom recovery plans you can’t afford to be without.

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How Does Microsoft Azure Recovery Work?

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery, is a vital component of your BCDR strategy, which orchestrates the replication of on-site virtual machines, and physical servers, using the cloud as a secondary site. Implementing and maintaining a back-up datacenter is an expense few businesses can afford, particularly when you consider it may never, or rarely, be used, but Azure operates on a pay-as-go basis, meaning you only pay for the service when you need it. Should an outage occur in your primary location, you automatically failover to the recovery site, which allows apps and workloads to remain available, and when normal operations resume, failback to your primary site.

The Benefits of Azure Site Recovery

What can Site Recovery do for your business? In addition to eliminating the need, and expense of a secondary, on-site data center, it can also do the following:

  • Provide flexible replication. Replicate workloads running on any Hyper-V virtual machine, VMware virtual machine, or Windows/Linux physical servers, with support for application-aware recognition to ensure apps may be recovered to an intelligent state.
  • Keep you prepared. Microsoft Azure Recovery provides test failovers, to enhance disaster recovery drills, with minimal disruption to your existing environment. Users can execute a planned failover with no data loss, for anticipated outages, or unplanned failovers with minimal loss to data, for unexpected outages. Recovery plans, complete with workbooks and scripts are available to customize your recovery to suit your needs.
  • Simplify your strategy. Your BCDR strategy doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. Azure Site Recovery easily handles the replication, failover and recovery of multiple systems from a central location, and since it doesn’t intercept replicated data, your information remains secure.
  • Prevent loss. Continuous, proactive monitoring and alerts are part of Azure Site Recovery, helping to detect issues before they impact your business, and you can rest easy knowing all communication with Azure is encrypted. Robust reporting capabilities satisfy auditory and compliance standards to further enhance security.

Protected Workloads

Azure Site Recovery can help keep your applications up and running consistently when outages occur, providing the following:

  • Flexible plans. Create and customize your recovery plan with Azure Automation runbookx, manual deployment, and external scripts.
  • Automation library. The Azure Automation Library provides users with application specific scripts that can be easily integrated in to your existing strategy.

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